Refresher Courses

Passed your Driving test a long time ago?

Not driven in a long time?

Feel no longer confident behind the wheel?

You need worry no more!!!!! Here at Learning Ladies i offer refresher courses so you will be back on the road in no time, full of confidence for years to come….

Other examples of refresher courses available:

  • Maybe you have recently passed your Driving test but still don’t feel quite confident enough to take to the roads on your own.
  • Maybe you have recently moved to the Doncaster area from another town or country and don’t feel too familiar with our local roads.
  • Maybe you have recently been in some sort of car accident, not necessarily your fault but your confidence behind the wheel seems to be shaky. A few simple lessons can restore mental strength, confidence and belief in no time!
  • Maybe for some reason you are suddenly finding it difficult to complete once simple manoeuvres, e.g parking or reversing, or approaching roundabouts you find yourself getting extremely nervous, all these are common problems which my refresher courses cover.

Whatever your needs, 1, 2, 3, or more lessons on one of my refresher courses could be exactly what you are requiring to once again install your confidence into your everyday driving.

Motorway Courses

Motorways can be very scary and dangerous places for a lot of drivers, especially if you are relatively inexperienced and have recently passed your test.

When you hold a provisional licence you are not permitted to drive on our motorways therefore you gain no experience whilst carrying out your driving lessons with your driving instructor.

Here at Learning Ladies Driving School i offer 1, 2, 3, or more lessons solely concentrating on motorway driving. My motorway course covers everything you need to know and be made aware of on our UK motorways.

Learning Ladies motorway course is ideal for maybe someone who has to use a motorway to commute to and from their place of work. My courses are a valuable learning experience that will make you a more confident, safer driver for the future!

All Learning Ladies Refresher/Motorway courses are available in conjunction with any online prices whether it be a block booking or lesson by lesson basis so simply contact me by either email, my “Contact Me” tab or telephone or Text me to discuss your needs.

My courses are very simple with no exam at the end.

After completing any course with me you will receive a Learning Ladies Certificate personalised to yourself stating what course you have achieved with details of hours of instruction and course details with areas covered, the certificate will be signed by myself,

Claire Conway A.D.I.

Learning Ladies

PLEASE NOTE: My Learning Ladies refresher/motorway courses do NOT include the first and last lesson free offer…..sorry